We are a fully integrated biotech company leading the bioeconomy revolution, turning conventional industrial processes into sustainable, safe, and cost-effective alternatives.


We design, develop, produce and commercialize cutting-edge solutions in high growth markets​ …


… that unleash the power of microorganisms to enhance clients’ financial performance …


​ … while also positively impacting the environment.​

Biosolutions for a sustainable industry

Our unique technological platform, centered on precision fermentation of microorganisms, unlocks a wide range of solutions. 

We have the expertise to develop solutions across diverse bioproduct families, enabling us to serve multitude industries.

Our end-to-end value proposition extends from product design to large-scale production.

Food, Feed & Biofuels

Hyaluronic Acid & Others

Precision fermentation-based products

A Catalyst for Change

Our enzyme-based, environmentally friendly solutions are customized to catalyze specific reactions across a diverse range of applications.

By replacing chemicals, enzymes increase reaction yields, reduce environmental footprint and prevent undesired effects on ingredients & equipment

Edible Oils

YieldON HT

Our novel thermostable phospholipase, used for soybean oil degumming, increases oil yield by up to 2%, all without the need of addtional CAPEX.


YieldON SG

Our innovative enzymatic process completly eliminates steryl glycosides from biodiesel, preventing the formation of insoluble precipitates and replacing expensive and energy-intensive methods.



Our high-purity Fermentation Produced Chymosin delivers high yields and ensures consistent quality for the industrial production of all cheese varieties.



Our solution prevents chill haze in beer breaking down haze-active polypeptides. It not only maintains beer quality, including foam properties, but also enables gluten-free beer.

Animal Feed


Our intrinsically thermostable 6-phytase has high bioavailability and an affinity for phytate, hydrolyzing it and achieving excellent phosphorus release.

Comprehensive Pipeline

Our ambitious innovation pipeline reinforces our market growth strategy.


Leveraging our robust R&D platform and our state-of-the-art infrastructure, we have expanded our biosolutions into high-growth markets, aligning with evolving consumer preferences and sustainability goals.

Hyaluronic Acid & Skin Bioactives

Our HA has remarkable improvements:
- Safer Probiotic Strain.
- Zero Organic Waste.
- Safer probiotic strain.
- Simpler culture media & DSP process.

Alternative Proteins

Our are developing enzymes, growth factors & other ingredients for the three technologies leading this emerging market


Our experienced team provides custom development and manufacturing services to accelerate the commercialization of precision fermentation-based products

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