Keclon is an Argentina-based emerging innovator in generating proprietary enzymes that improve the quality, efficiency and cost of biodiesel and vegetable oil production. Its technology platform allows to rapidly generating new and improved enzymes that can significantly reduce production costs using genetic engineering, synthetic biology and directed evolution tools. These enzymes will provide high quality vegetable oil and biodiesel through the elimination of their main impurities in an economically competitive and sustainable way.
Biodiesel production has significantly increased in recent years driven by the demand for clean energy and new government regulations. Biodiesels produced from transesterification of vegetable oils have a major quality problem due to the presence of steryl glucosides precipitates, which need to be removed to avoid clogging of filters and engine failures. The lack of efficient methods to eliminate those impurities rapidly and without adding significant new costs encouraged Keclon to develop its proprietary SGase-based enzymatic technology. This technology provides a high quality biodiesel that meets the required purity specifications of new regulations in Europe, Canada and the US.
During the refining of vegetable oils, phospholipids are removed in a process known as “degumming”. Keclon has developed a proprietary combination of enzymes that provides an environmentally friendly process for vegetable oil refining with a high improvement on oil recovery yields.
Keclon is led by a team of internationally respected science and technology entrepreneurs and venture investors with a broad experience in every aspect of research, development and commercialization of biotechnology products. It has established a research and development cooperation agreement with CONICET (National Scientific and Technical Research Council) and with the prestigious UNR (National University of Rosario). Keclon is headquartered in Rosario, Argentina, the epicenter of a region where 10% of the world’s soybean biodiesel supply is produced.