Pablo Valenzuela, Cofounder and director of Fundación Ciencia para la Vida, President of BIOS Chile IGSA, professor of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and of the Universidad Andrés Bello, Head of the Instituto Milenio de Biología Fundamental y Aplicada (MIFAB). Board member of several biotechnology companies in USA. Expert in the molecular biology of infectious diseases, vaccines and all aspects of biotechnological product development. Founder and former Senior Vice President of Research and Development, Chiron Corporation, California. National Award in Applied and Technological Sciences, 2002.

Lisandro Bril is the Managing Partner of Ax Ventures - PYMAR Fund, an early stage venture capital fund focused in technology projects for innovative and high growth entrepreneurs based in Argentina, that targets and escalates toward regional/ global markets. He is currently screening projects in mobile applications, telemedicine, internet, clean techs, and software applications.
Lisandro is a pioneer VC and entrepreneurial development activist since the 90s. As Manager of i5 (a Hicks Muse Venture Capital) he invested in Amtec (now Neoris) in the 90s, and Technisys (Software for SOA banking applications)  with Holdinvest Technology Fund. 
Lisandro holds a BA in Economics (Cum Laude) from University of Buenos Aires, and a MPA from Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Leandro Vetcher, is in charge of the development of new business and investors relations at Keclon. He previously worked for three years as a researcher at Kosan Biosciences (USA) in the development of new drugs, and then at Johnson & Johnson at the early stage companies acquisitions area. He graduated as a Licentiate in Biotechnology at the UNR, and then did a Master in Biotechnology at the Columbia University (NYC). After leaving Kosan Biosciences, in 2006, he received an MBA at MIT, focused on financials and strategies for the creation and development of biotechnology start-ups and green technologies. In 2012 he founded Green Pacific Biologicals (USA), a biofuels company based on algae, with seed capitals from Chilean Global Angels and the Austral chilean funds.